IT Infrastructure Security Assessment

An IT Infrastructure Security Assessment is a comprehensive review of an entire infrastructure including host, network, application and environmental controls. This assessment also includes a review of existing policies and procedures.

A cybersecurity assessment aims to close vulnerability gaps and remediate weaknesses, prioritizing issues with the highest potential for bottom-line impact.

Assessments also help cybersecurity teams improve communication with upper management. The most effective security strategies are integrated into all company operations.

By providing IT Infrastructure Security Assessment you will be able to find answers for questions below:

– Which parts of my IT systems (on-premise or cloud) are vulnerable to hackers, ransomware and other current cyber threats and how can I secure them/make them safer?

– Is my IT infrastructure accessible to those with malicious intent? Is our WiFi secure?

– What damage could attackers do if they penetrated our network?

– What data could they capture? What could they do with it?

– Through which systems/access points are we vulnerable?

– Are the current security measures in place on our company network sufficient to withstand current cyber threats such as ransomware?