I hereby confirm that the “SmartIT” company participated in the project to build an IT data-center in “DemirBank”. “SmartIT” participated in all stages of the project:
– Audit of the current infrastructure
– Preparation of the design of the new infrastructure
– Implementation of new infrastructure
– Fault tolerance testing of new infrastructure

During the implementation of the project, the following IT systems were deployed:
– Active Directory;
– Two-factor authentication;
– Mail infrastructure and Skype for Business;
– Storage System;
– Virtual infrastructure;
– VDI infrastructure;
– Antivirus software;
– Monitoring system for hardware and applications;
– Audit system for user actions;
– Local Area Network (LAN);
– Wide Area Network (WAN);
– Wireless network;
– File server;

It should be noted that the whole new infrastructure was installed from scratch, in parallel with the current infrastructure. This made it possible to migrate users, data and systems without interrupting any business processes.

On the new infrastructure, all the flaws of the previous design were corrected, namely:
– Optimization of disk space;
– Optimization of the backup storage system;
– Optimization of data transfer between all IT systems and sites.

All tasks were completed using current hardware and software (with the exception of information security products). Moreover, resources have been freed up that can be used for new projects.

The special attention was paid to improving the information security of the bank, namely:
– Protection of mail correspondence;
– Antivirus protection of endpoints and users
– Security Operations Center 24/7

Separately, it is necessary to mention the implementation of the Next Generation Firewall, which allows:
– Segmentation of critical systems, users, third-party connections, etc.;
– Control of the usage of Internet resources by users;
– Identify and prevent malicious activity.

At the end of the project, detailed documentation was provided on all implemented solutions of the project, including:
– Design description;
– Documentation for the administrator;
– Current configuration;
– Description of steps to perform specific tasks.

Chairman of the Board

Farid Abushov